Nail polish

12 Amazing facts about nail polish that you should know


Nail polish is, of course, one of very popular beauty products for most of women in the world these day. Definitely, for those who are fashionista, nail polish as well as trendy nail designs are a part of their style for sure. Now, read on to check out some very interesting facts about nail polish that you might now know well.

Nail polish

  • One of the main ingredient of a nail polish is “formaldehyde”, which causes irritation to sensitive skin. But some brands like Clinique is manufacturing nail polishes without the allergic ingredient.
  • According to psychological experts, colors that we choose tell something about our current mental state. It is not a random thing actually. Therefore, next time when you are not sure about how you are feeling, then go for a manicure.
  • There are also some brands, which produce nail polishes with protein peptides and vitamins. It moisturizes the nails and prevents aging.
  • In ancient time, Egyptian women wore nail polishes but only women with high social status were allowed to put darker shades.
  • During Ming Dynasty people created their nail paints using ingredients like beeswax, egg whites and vegetable dyes.
  • The birth place of French manicure is indeed France. During pre historic period in France, nail polishes were used by the members of royal family only. It was their status symbol and people from lower class were not allowed to color their nails.
  • The first nail polish, the kind we use today was launched by Revlon, in 1920s. It was actually made of car paint.
  • The bad news is that an unopened bottle of nail polish can only live for one year.
  • Our nails need to breath just like our facial skin. Our nail is a living tissue and need sufficient amount of oxygen to breathe. Lack of oxygen can make them very dry, which in turn will make your nail brittle and will lead to breakage. It is advisable to take three day break from wearing nail polishes in every three weeks to keep them healthy.
  • The most expensive nail polish in the world is created by a diamond company, Azature and it costs $250,000. The nail polish is made up of 267 real black diamond carats.
  • The first nail polish was invented 5000 years ago by the Chinese with only two basic colors black and red.
  • To stop nail polish from changing colors when exposed to light, ultraviolet stabilizers are used.
  • Ingredients that are used in today’s nail polish like toluene, butyl acetate, ethyl acetate and dibutyl phthalate are capable enough to kill or make you sick if ingested or inhaled.

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