The audience disputes the new film of Nha Phuong

Even though the broadcast was only 9 episodes, but the day that I fell in love is causing ‘waves’. The network split into two teams, looking forward to the Lower Tung or Lower to the South.
Internet community love the movie 'That day I fell in love' has divided into two camps with 1,001 views advised Xia to Tung or to the South

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Internet community love the movie ‘That day I fell in love’ has divided into two camps with 1,001 views advised Xia to Tung or to the South
That day I fell in love is a film adapted from the script of the Korean Discovery of Love , referring to the love story, life of young people in the money age 30. Film revolves around the group of friends Ha (Nha Phuong) , Sol (Bao Thanh) and Do (Chi Thien). In it, the story of love between the past and the present of the low with Tung (Nhan Phuc Vinh) and South (Luong The Thanh) occupy most of the length of the film.
Ha is intelligent girl, personality, love and live hard. I love each other for 5 years, but that love went into the past. Currently, Ha love Nam and two people are planning to marry. Ironically, Tung appeared and he lowered his resolve to conquer Lower. When standing between the two men, it is doubtful that Xia will be really awkward and does not know who to choose. While Tung is a romantic architect, handsome and also the first love of the Lower. On meeting again, Tung still love deeply fall in love with her and determined to conquer her again. And Nam is Ha’s current lover, a benevolent doctor, a delicate, always considerate and love so much Ha. Nam is a mature man, a firm support for his beloved. South, Lower your ego, become gentle, gentle, more sacrifice and the Southern, also romantic, more fun.
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The love triangle is attracting the attention of the audience and everyone is looking forward to the end of the film to see who Xia characters will come to.
Interwoven in each episode is the complex love of Xia next to the two men. This love triangle makes the audience do not stop controversy and split the team Ha – Tung and South – South team. Each and every viewer gives a different perspective on the love of the trio. Typically, Ha – Tung team, Facebook Na Ri expressed the view: “Tung is very right, those who love more people will suffer more and no suffering with mental exhaustion. Ha and Tung first love each other when young, there are stories of people in the past and then to understand. The wrong man does not know that he is wrong. But being wrong and seeing and correcting mistakes is worth it. Beyond life, having people like Tung is rare. Tung after 5 years long but still love Ha is not calculated is really worth cherishing.
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The film is also attracted by the beautiful scenes and romantic scenes of the couple Tung and Xia in the past
However, there are also many under-represented in the South. Facebook commented on Fanpage of the film: “From the beginning of the film I still like Ha and South. I prefer to go to Nam than to Tung. Tung is past, is past, present is present. The message of the film about the first love is often unforgettable, when the old reunion is vibration, but the vibration is just passing over, but now is life is ongoing.
Or another Facebooker expressed his support for Xia to the South: “Nam is a perfect man, mature, delicate, and still in love. Lower strength, personality and make up for the defects for the South. These two people really each other. Tung is the past, Tung represents the love of youth, although happy each other but why do not people think they broke up for each other’s ego. We should look at the future, let the past go … “.
There are many viewers who think that Ha is not worthy of Nam’s love, because when he fell in love with the present, he should not remember or think much about his former lover. Facebook Nguyen Thi Nhung stated: “Do not know what you think but I do not like how to think about old lover while having a relationship with the current South. If she still has Tung, then remember and think of him before meeting again, not now remember. If through the show on the film you see Ha is completely happy and comfortable in the South, if not really love Nam she will not think of getting married, not thinking of taking her mother’s heart. Can now meet again Xiaoyao because I remember the old if to say goodbye to Nam because still love Tung, I see too lowly blamed. It hurts to hurt the current person because of the old relationship,
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After the German police (Xuan Nghi) refused affection, Sol (Bao Thanh) is being enthusiastically matched with the audience (Chi Thien)
At another development of the controversy, claiming that Xia is not worthy of Tung’s or South’s love, and because the two male protagonists are truly perfect men, having good work and life, love So passionate and enthusiastic audience pairing for … Tung and South come together.
If according to the original Korean, Xia and Tung will be back together, many South Korean fans are worried about the end. Many viewers are anxiously waiting for the end of the film Vietnamese.

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