Director Kong was beaten at the bar in Saigon: Where should be?


Camera has recorded the scene of violent shock. In the first paragraph, a bearded man enters the VIP area of the bar, places a champagne glass on the table and hands his iPhone to a girl.

The scene is horrible

While this girl looked at the phone screen, a tall man with groomed hairstyle stepped forward and grasped the man’s shoulder. When he came back, a dozen people broke in, crushed him down and began punching his bag, smashing his belongings while the victim curled up in the ground under constant blows.

The 10-minute video ends in a scene where up to nine people are lying down on the bar.

Blockbuster Kong Island skullcap – the most famous works of Jordan Vogt-Roberts is a film with scenes of violence, gore more no less dialogue. However, for the first time he was watching the video at the police station, Jordan had to turn away. “As a director, I like violent movies,” Jordan said. “I also like to watch the fighting scenes in the movie.

But after watching that horrible scene, I was really shocked. ” When Kong‘s choreography of the movie re-watched the video, he said that the fight in that nightclub was more violent and horrible than any movie he had ever seen.

Clip Jordan Vogt-Roberts assaulted in a bar in Saigon

Jordan Vogt-Robert fled to Vietnam to aspire to freedom of filmmaking, unexpectedly he would have become a reluctant character in a movie such violence. So who is the one who handled Jordan?

Find a place to live happily

In August 2017, a month before the attack, GQ journalist Max Marshall made an appointment to meet Jordan Vogt-Roberts in Saigon when he made an article on the young director who quit Hollywood. to live a simple life in Vietnam.

At that time, standing on the roof of the Caravelle Hotel overlooking the sparkling city below, Jordan proved extremely confident. In head-to-toe streetwear with long beards to his belly, Jordan pointed his hand at the distance, the area where he was looking for a home. He climbed out of the railing, stretched out his arms and said, “Sometimes we need to live a Batman style.”

At that time, the 32-year-old director was completely arrogant. In less than 10 years, from a young Chicago without a penny, Jordan built a successful career. From directing short films for actors Thomas Middleditch and TJ Miller (who later became famous for the Silicon Valley drama ), to director Comedy Central’s Mash Up comedy … and last He also became the director of the Kong Bomb: Topless Island with $ 566 million.

The work of Vogt-Roberts shows his interesting personality: a comedian who loves comedy, hip-hop and idol Terrence Malick, all of Jordan’s hobbies are transformed into extreme moments. eye catching on the screen.

How to make a good movie with the wrong bar: how to make money?  hinh anh 2

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Director Jordan Vogt-Roberts visits Ngo Thanh Van on Vietnam to find the scene to film “Kong” 2015

In 2015, while looking for a filming location for Kong, he set foot in Vietnam and was immediately attracted by wild beauty, enchanted here. Jordan had to persuade Legendary Entertainment to agree to make Vietnam the official filming location, as few US films had been produced before. Two years later, Jordan’s movie was revived, reviving the classic King Kong story with Hollywood stars such as Brie Larson, Tom Hiddleston, Samuel L. Jackson.

The film has hit the box office in Vietnam. The Vietnamese government has also received the film very positively, making the Kong movie – which is part of the UNESCO-recognized Phong Nha Ke Bang monument – a movie-themed resort. Vogt-Roberts was invited to be the first American Ambassador to Vietnam. Instead of going to Hollywood to produce a million-dollar blockbuster, Vogt-Robert happily accepted.

As a travel ambassador, Jordan invited his friends and colleagues from Hollywood to visit Vietnam’s landscapes, spoke at travel conferences, and made a video clip entitled Travel to Vietnam . Jordan expressed his great love for the S-shaped country when he announced a surprise decision: he would move to Saigon live.

How to make a good movie with the wrong bar: how to make money?  hinh anh 3

In the time of integration with life in Saigon, director “Kong” also many times stick with the rumors of love with Vietnamese beauty (Photo: Vogt-Roberts intimate actor Yaya Truong Nhi)

Leaving the mess in Hollywood

After living in Vietnam for five months, Vogt-Roberts has come to life in Vietnam. His favorite restaurant is located in District 5, an unspoiled pavement, where there is a tasty soup for $ 20 thousand (80 cents). Before questions such as “Why did you make the film move to Vietnam?”, Jordan simply answered that every time he came here, he was happy. Jordan Vogt-Roberts’ assistant has shared on Instagram that he is like a “Vietnamese band with a member”.

Before coming to Vietnam, Jordan was stressed while working in Hollywood, exhausted with harsh lifestyle here. He underwent a laryngectomy, but he still has a habit of smoking. Few knew that just before Kong began shooting, a fireplace exploded, causing Jordan to suffer a third degree burn and stay hospitalized for two weeks. Jordan’s adventure does not stop there.

In early December 2016, when promotional activities for Kong began, Jordan was hit by the bad guys naked photos online. Although the sensitive photos did not make Jordan stop production of Kong, they caused the Jordan spirit to collapse. Ironically, just a year later, Jordan was caught up in a completely dissipated swamp. Actress – high school director Dana DeArond said Jordan was embarrassed, forced marriage after her refusal.

How to make a good movie with the wrong bar: how to make money?  hinh anh 4

Jordan Vogt-Roberts, Kong director: Skull Island was the Ambassador of Vietnam in the United Kingdom and the United States

After all that mess, Vietnam is a peaceful destination for Jordan Vogt-Roberts. On New Year’s holiday, he travels alone in Son Doong – the largest cave in the world. After that, Jordan completely fell in love with this country. Not only doing activities as Travel Ambassadors, Vogt-Roberts also teaches filmmaking, TEDx Talk, and charity work. homeless people.

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