The five female cast members are more prominent than the protagonist in “universe” film of the main


Everyone knows that Vu has always had a different and controversial way of making films. However, it is undeniable that the supporting roles in the scriptwriter’s projects have repeatedly impressed the public more than the main character.

There is a motif that is very often used in his projects to raise women more prominent than the female lead in his films. That can easily be seen in many movies of the 1978 playwright. Although this is a bit unreasonable in filmmaking, but for Vu Chinh, “nothing is impossible.” Going to “transgender” for the characters in the film also do the extra character subversive character for him is too easy.

1. Phu Hoang Hoang in Dien Hi Cong luong

It must be that the fans of the film are “doing the rain, wind” recently – Dien Hi Cong impressed with the queen (Qin Lam) gentle, right? If you can see all the people, from the royal family to the concubines, the women (except Cao Quy Phi) love her. Even the female lead Wei He (Ngo Can Language) not afraid of heaven afraid of the land, but just met the Empress also know how to shrink one.


According to the script, the movie Dien Hi Cong luong describes the love story of Qianlong and Phi Fei Wei. However, the boat of Lac – Long couple is only long time later to be raised. The film has a total volume of 70 episodes, but Phat Hoang Queen occupy 40 waves. Is not more than half the film? Then the female Wei Wei Lac also land to act anymore? If the first set of girls Wei Wei Lac does not have anything outstanding outside the embroidery skill and clever mouth, Phu Sat is excellent integrity. Not only the beautiful appearance but her temperament is gentle in accordance with the standards of the world.

As an extra character, the audience devotes all their love to Phu Sa Hoang. Her death caused many viewers to regret, even some people hope that the film crew will “modify” history so that Phu Quoc Queen is happy in Qianlong.

2. East Inner Realm of Tan Huo Giang
The highest point is still the movie “Tang Tuan Giang Ho” in 2013. Although named as the main female, but to the 20th episode, “Holy Girl” (San San San) is newly appeared. However, the more she later drowned before the prominence of an East Inconceivable (Chen Qiao En) too personal and beautiful.

Beside that, the shaping of the Orient is still “overwhelmed”, even the “broken” the main business Nham Business. While Orientlessness is built sharply, beautiful. As Business Entrepreneur, although the female lead but the shape again, the cake is like “chameleon”, no highlight points outstanding. In addition to his lifeless and wax-faced facial expressions, San San San ruined Kim Dung’s image.


Although the main character, but Business Entrepreneur audiences cheered the countryside, face and mouth rice mouth “graceful”

Although Yu Zheng modified too much compared to the original but can not be negated that the Orient is not the most beautiful and most loved character ever. Because of the extra characters that make many viewers think the East is not the main female movie. Even more, many commented that SM Entertainment appeared to only make the movie more long and destructive of the love between the Unfair East and Ho Xiu Hua.

True to the original, Dong Phuong is not the son but in the hands of the Chief of the “transsexual”. It even made many special people love it

3. Lan Lan Chau in My Nhan Vo Le

Once again San San San is back to the phenomenon “drowned out” by the supporting character in the film US Humanity. Although her role is Dai Ngoc Nhi – Queen’s page she has a lot of land and also the main role but still not comparable to Lan Lan Chau by Zhang Ming.

The beauty of the Lan Lan Chau not only makes the Imperial Crown passionate that the audience is fascinated


The beauty of her Lan Lan Chau not only makes Hoang Tai Chi (Bao Cai Uy) soulful but also makes the audience infatuated. Not only that, her performance Lan Lan Chau also “eat off” compared to Dai Ngoc Nhi. The expression on the face of the female lead Dai Ngoc Nhi is too hard, some corn, regardless of the happy or sad scene is also wide eyes, glaring toward the opposite. Not only lost the style of the model of the world’s minorities, but also makes the audience more sympathetic to her Lan Lan Chau. Even after the character of Lan Lan Chau died, quite a lot of viewers have “abandoned the film” just because the feelings for this character is too large.

4. Mac Mo Ly in Grand Theft Auto: 2014

If the Dai Hiep version is featured in a magical head of Li Gong, cruel, then the 2014 version of Vu Chinh backwards completely. Not only increased the land for Ly Mac So, scriptwriter born in 1978 also told the story of love, the reason for her becoming cruel is due to each was betrayed in the past. This made many viewers feel sorry for Mac Mo’s.


While Lady Gaga (Tran Nghiep) received the “rain bomb” to create the picture, Li Mac Song (Truong Hinh Du) won the sympathy of the audience by the type of sa, salty. If the young lady was too chubby, hair like “chicken thighs” backwards, then Mac Macs have a sharp shape, the more the fairy goddess, escaped.

5. Empress of the Queen in the Virgin Media

In the film Luc Trinh transmission, Duong Dung plays the role of Zhuan Yun – the opponent of Luc Trinh (Trieu Le Dinh). With genuine acting, the expression on the face variety, in addition to the eyes speak, Duong Dung has portrayed a cranky Poor and angry, a beautiful queen but equally the cruel part of love.anh-5

Meanwhile, Luc Trinh’s role of Trieu Le Dinh was spoiled by the performance of a color, in addition to the flashy, cumbersome design does not look like a queen. That makes Yang Yang’s Yang is pushed higher in the heart of the audience and fans.


It can be seen that thanks to the main thrust of the main female audience that new audiences spend more affection for women. In time, he contributed to the casting of the cast of the supporting cast.

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