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In recent years, scientists have discovered many new ways to “fool” the brain, helps a lot for the cause of your weight loss.

1. Hang a mirror in the dining room

Though the image does not seem to eat at some nice but found herself in the mirror detector can help you become more aware. When eating out, you should also choose where can see a mirror image. Research shows that people eat less food before the mirror, excitement healthier foods.

2. Keep your home clean

Neat room at reducing tensions. Clean kitchen also help you spend more energy. A study has shown that just spend 10 minutes in a busy kitchen makes you crave unhealthy food items.

9 strange way to lose weight scientifically proven - 1

A kitchen neat and clean will significantly reduce cravings. Illustration.

3. Less glare

Soft lighting to reduce stress, improve mood and help you eat less. In light eaters “dim” eat less calories compared to 18% in the harsh light eater.

4. Use mint

Just a breath mint has curb hunger and emotional eating. According to the study, people who inhaled peppermint every two hours to feel less hungry, more focused, less than 2,800 calories eaten each week. Vanila also smell the same effect.

5. Eat with men

According to the study, women who ate less and food choices when eating together more closely men. However, men eat more than 200 calories when eating with women, even if they can eat buffet doubled when used with women.

9 strange way to lose weight scientifically proven: - 2

When seated at a table with men, women should eat less, but men will eat more than normal.

6. Select the waiter

Should choose slender waiter when eating out. The study found that when people choose to serve with higher BMI, it is easy to call four times more food, more than 17% alcohol called.

7. Note the color of food

Food dishes containing the same color can make you “lost control” of its actual size. Use fork to feed green striated look bigger.

8. See comedy entertainment show

If watching television while eating is difficult to give up, you should choose whether comedy or talk, and should not snack while watching the movie “schmaltzy”. People often eat double when watching movies than talk, eat more moviegoers 28% -55% compared to comedy viewers.9 strange way to lose weight scientifically proven - 3

Size eating utensils are also thought to influence the amount of food you want to eat.

9. Choose size eating utensils

Forks, spoons, slender, elegant long chopsticks to help you eat less. Research shows that, short forks make people feel like eating more.


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