The image of “girl sitting on the thigh of a boyfriend in the cinema, obstructing the viewer sitting behind” received many criticism on the MXH.


Going to the cinema is a fun entertainment suitable for all ages, families, because the atmosphere of collective comfort and the feeling of enjoying the movie with the big screen monster, sound as real life. , which at home can not afford.

When in the comedy movie, people laugh together, watching movies together, screaming, romantic movies are touched together. However, because of the “collective” nature in the movie room, so from birth to many annoying, cry bad jokes from many components “difficult to support.”


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Recently, netizens have been repressed for a long time, now burst out the urgent after a facebook account to the young couple behave in a lack of consciousness in the cinema with two photos and sharing as follows: “The most annoying thing is that the couple bought two tickets to sit on each other’s thighs like this. If you do not say hug but sit like this high who can see the movie anymore. Even this pair is on each other’s thighs . ”

Picture girl sitting on the thigh of a boyfriend in a movie theater, obstructing the view of the person sitting after receiving many criticism on the MXH - Photo 1.

The girl sat on her boyfriend’s thigh

As reflected, this girl and many others have witnessed the carefree girl sitting on her thigh in the movie theater, the people behind her obscured the screen, it was difficult to follow the movie. . Even so, this unruly couple speaks loudly and lies in the lover’s lap.

Picture girl sitting on the thigh of the boyfriend in the cinema, obstructing the view of people sitting after receiving many criticism on the MXH - Photo 2.

Couple romance is not right

Posted on Facebook and not mention the specific address, but the article has attracted a lot of attention of netizens, especially young people who often go to the cinema. Most people think that the couple is very ungrateful and influences others.

Member Le Quang commented: ” If you like sitting on thighs like this, it is best to stay at home or to the park two young people .”

Member Ngoc Lien shared, ” These two are so ungainly that if someone is sitting in front of them like this, they do not know if they are upset or not. ”.

Member Hoang Tung shared, ” This is an unacceptable behavior in the cinema, affecting others .”

Member Hoang Phuong shared, ” This kind of people need to be invited out of the theater, this is not their house but want to do that too “.

Member Ngoc Anh shared: ” Do not know where to? Why not bring the bed up here and lie? “

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