Vitamin good or not good for weight loss?


You need to know choosing vitamins suitable for your weight loss process, otherwise it will be counterproductive.

We all know that vitamins are great drinks have many effects in the body. This really is a special choice handy time before and after exercise to your morning. However, you need to be wise to know what vitamins really good for burning fat even any kind increases the risk of blood sugar.

Here are some suggestions to help you choose a good fruit and fruit should be avoided if you are in the process of losing weight.

Good fruits

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Although there is a great taste, but few people know that for every 100 grams of strawberries contains only about 5 grams of sugar. This fruit also contains polyphenols, are useful in regulating blood sugar levels and prevent the accumulation of excess fat in the body.


Vietnam cranberry is a small fruit with incredible effects. They contain pterostilbene helps the body decompose brown fat. And like strawberries, blueberries Vietnam contains a low sugar content, only 7,3g per 100g of fruit, especially good for people who want to lose weight but the body remains healthy.

Fruits are not good


Grape fruit is delicious and sweet taste. Therefore you are not surprised about the amount of sugar contained in it. For every 100g of grapes, up to 15g sugar. No effect of weight loss but have other effects on the health and development of the body.


While many people feel mango fruit is super tasty and very rich in vitamins A and C, they did not know that it contains a substantial amount of sugar. 18g sugar per 100g mango, mango smoothie should not be the choice for people wishing to lose weight.

There are many more vitamins good for the process of improving your physique readers can refer to!

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